Delta-Heat’s exceptional range of accessories, including pizza ovens, griddles, and charcoal adaptors for propane, seamlessly integrate into built-in kitchens, enriching your outdoor culinary space with versatility and style. These thoughtfully designed additions not only enhance your cooking options but also embody Delta-Heat’s commitment to creating a harmonious and functional outdoor cooking environment. Elevate your outdoor kitchen with these top-tier accessories, transforming it into a hub of culinary creativity.

Delta Heat Built-In Accessories

Dometic Delta Heat DHTG32

Built-In Outdoor Teppanyaki Flat Top Griddle, 32″

Dometic Delta Heat Pizza Oven Dual Burner

30″ Dual-Burner, Freestanding Outdoor Oven

Dometic Delta Heat Pizza Oven

30″ Dual-Burner, Built-In Outdoor Oven

Dometic Delta Heat DHCT

Charcoal Tray Accessory

Dometic Delta Heat DHGP18

Griddle plate accessory for gas grill or power burner

Dometic Delta Heat DHIJ38

38″ Insulating Jacket